9 Unusual Animals to See Before You Die

Scientists have anticipated that there are 8.7 million animal species on Earth. Some of them are wild (lions, sharks, tigers). Some are adorable (rabbits, deer, otters).

And others are virtually weird.

All over the world you’ll discover animals that have simply great and bizarre traits and behaviors. From a frog that flaunts its organs to a goat that faints with fear. Here are 40 unusual and uncommon animals that you could now upload to your journey basket list.


No surprise here: The shoe beak stork has … A beak form like a shoe.

Also important? Shoe beaks are unusually big and some people attain a peak of over 2 meters. And in contrast to many other birds that live in similar swamp areas, shoe beaks are highly powerful predators. Their lengthy legs are ideal for crossing shallow waters where they hunt reptiles, rodents and fish. They are even recognised to attack young crocodiles!

Shoe beaks use their effective beaks to capture and strangle nearly something they encounter, but do not worry – they do not hunt people. Find one in East Africa in which their habitat is concentrated.

Stick insect

Finding a twiglet requires careful observation. As the name makes very clear, it resembles a stick. This, combined with the capacity to remain completely silent for a long time, gives the twiglet “one of the maximum efficient herbal camouflages on Earth,” as National Geographic puts it.

There are many varieties of stick insects. One of the good is the massive prickly stick insect pictured here. The plant, which is native to Australia, has the additional property of thorn-like spines, which mixture even higher into the environment.

If you suffer from insect phobia, as many do, Phobaeticus kirbyi will haunt your nightmares. At over 21 inches with legs stretched out, this is one of the longest insects inside the world. You can locate it in Borneo (or try to find it – proper luck!).

Glass frog

As you could see through glass, you can see thru the exceptional glass frog.

Many of these frogs have light inexperienced skin, however some have no coloring on the bottom, so their organs are seen to the bare eye. Just as wonderful are their dirty backs, which scientists suspect are just like eggs. Therefore, predators chasing their offspring are confused.

The pleasant danger to spot this tree frog is in Costa Rica or Panama. The Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica specially guarantees a proper risk to look one among its obvious splendor.

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimp are ancient, fierce and extra than a touch weird.

Various styles of mantis shrimp had been round for an estimated four hundred million years, and they aren’t like every other shrimp round. They are so freakishly sturdy that their appendages, called “golf equipment,” can spoil crab shells and bust open clams. (Some varieties have spears as a substitute than clubs, which are equally formidable.)

These clubs can also be used to used to dish out around 500 punches in under a second, delivering enough force to interrupt glass.

And that’s not all. Because these shrimp have high-quality eyesight (they are able to see in two one of a kind guidelines at once), they strike with pinpoint accuracy.

There are about 400 unique species of mantis shrimp, the most dazzling-searching of that’s absolutely the multi-hued peacock mantis shrimp, pictured here.

The waters of Costa Rica and Bali are particularly wealthy with mantis shrimp; e-book a diving expedition to look one up close.


When you spot a wombat – a fuzzy little marsupial with a friendly face and calm demeanor – you’ll in all likelihood immediately want to hug it. But don’t be fooled with the aid of appearances: Wombats game rodent-like teeth and might get competitive if they experience threatened.

Wombats are unexpected in different ways, too. Unlike other marsupials, their pouches face backwards and their poop is cube-shaped. To guard the tunnels where they dwell, they dive into them headfirst and stick up their rump, which is tough sufficient to thwart predators.

You can discover wombats within the San Diego Zoo, however they are great viewed within the wild. Head to Australia’s Maria Island, wherein they are usual and easy to identify. The island is placed off the Tasmanian coast and is a beautiful area to go to in general.


The Axolotl Salamander is each delightful and disturbing.

Although it develops legs, it by no means reaches land, but spends its time taking walks throughout the underwater surface. His nickname? Walking fish.

This first-rate creature, whose colors variety from creamy white to olive, is only native to Mexico. Your first-rate danger to see one is close to Mexico City within the Xochimilco Lakes.

A populace decline is mainly because of the lack of the habitat, however also to the reality that the axolotl is taken into consideration a culinary delicacy. (Delicious?)

sun bear

When human beings think about bears, they frequently think of the big, fast, and doubtlessly risky species – polar, grizzly, brown, and black.

They regularly don’t think about solar bears which might be extraordinary from those in their cousins.

Sun bears are the smallest bears within the world. Many adults weigh less than 100 pounds. But what in reality sets them aside is their unusually long tongues, that may measure as much as 21 cm. Also recognised as “honey bears”, solar bears climb timber to find honeycombs, and their tongues are useful when licking their prey.

Unfortunately, deforestation contributes to the populace decline. In Southeast Asia there are still sun bears that, in contrast to their North American relatives, thrive in tropical forests.

The islands of Sumatra and Borneo are specially exact places to get right of entry to their habitat.


Lyrebirds could without problems win a talent display for their capacity to imitate sounds in their environment.

True, this trait exists in different birds, but lyrebirds take things to an entire new level. They can imitate just about any sound, which includes industrial system and electricity tools.

Found in Australia, the birds also are regarded for his or her flamboyant mating displays; the males display off their long tail feathers whilst dancing and the usage of their terrific vocal abilties to draw mates.

Stick to the rainforest zones of Queensland and New South Wales to locate them, or head to Tasmania, where they were brought artificially however have considering repropogated and established populations.


You can find parrotfish in tropical reef environments, in which their outer teeth – which appear like a beak – spoil algae from stones, corals, and different hardened substrates. This potential permits them to make a dwelling in places where many other species cannot survive.

Another funny (if somewhat disgusting) truth? Parrotfish vomits sand. As it turns out, many grains of sand on white sandy seashores are truly parrot droppings.

Parrotfish are found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Many people live in the Seychelles off East Africa.

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